Price Lists

  Schools and Other Organisations Prices 2024
121.8 KiB - 25/01/2022
Here is our price list to download.

  Scout Prices 2024
132.4 KiB - 25/01/2022
Here is our price list to download.

  Uniformed and Voluntary Organisations Prices 2024
122.6 KiB - 25/01/2022
Here is our price list to download.

Risk Assessments

  Activity Risk Assessments
812.5 KiB - 09/05/2023
All activities have Risk Assessments and can be found in the document Climbing Wall, Crate Stacking, Abseiling, Cave Ladder, Target Shooting, Archery, Tomahawk Throwing, Bouldering Wall, Orienteering, Picture Trail, Soft Archery and Soft Tomahawks


  Activity Request Form
162.9 KiB - 26/09/2023
Please use this form for the booking of any activities on site.

  Booking and Agreement between Blackhills Campsite
180.5 KiB - 25/01/2022
Please fill in this form when making a booking and make sure you have signed the agreement form

  Campsite Map
17.1 MiB - 31/07/2023
A downloadable version of our Map for your visit if needed.

  Introduction to Blackhills
610.2 KiB - 22/04/2018
If your thinking of staying please read this document to get familiar with the Campsite before you come, if you have any other questions in regards to your stay to make it a fantastic one to remember please feel free to send them along to our bookings email.

  Parental Consent Form - Activities - Archery, Axes & Shooting
188.8 KiB - 25/01/2022
If you are planning to visit our ranges, you will need to ask parents to complete this form and have them with you on your visit. We do not need copies of these just to know you have.


  Blackhills Expense Policy
190.7 KiB - 06/01/2024
This document outlines our Expense Policy for any volunteer/Staff who needs to claim expenses from the site.

  Privacy Policy
147.0 KiB - 01/07/2019
The following is a broad description of the way this organization (data controller) processes personal information. To understand how your own personal information is processed you may need to refer to any personal communications you have received, check any privacy notices the organization has provided or contact the organization to ask about your personal circumstances.