Job List

Campsite Job List

Below is a selection of PDF documents highlighting all the jobs that need to be completed on site. We heavily rely on volunteers for having these jobs completed and we are trying to make this job list as user friendly as we can.

There are some jobs that are specified for a certain trade and have our site volunteers next to them so these will be done by those people, some are highlighted for contractors and the rest are for volunteers.

*** Note that the job list maybe outdated if someone completes within the month – We will endeavour to keep them updated as much as possible but aim for at least monthly ***

*** Last Updated 26/07/2023*** 

Any questions about any of the jobs please just email – [email protected]

Ongoing Jobs

These jobs are all our yearly jobs, and all year round jobs. These may need to be done more than once in a year hence the last completed date. Hopefully this will help keep on top of these ongoing jobs and have more people be able to assist with them.

2023 -2024 Job List  РOn Going

Volunteer Jobs

These jobs can be completed by anyone who is able to offer some support and would like to contribute. Most tools and materials can be found on site, and if it will include some new items to be purchased these can be done before you want to do the job just let us know when you would be planning to do it.

Volunteer Jobs 23-24


These are a list of larger items that may be a project for a group to come along and do together or a team of volunteers to do. If you are interested in doing any of these please get in touch.

Projects 23-24


These jobs are highlighted for external and contractors, specific trades for example plumbing and electrician or just require some skill and tools of which some volunteers maybe able to assist with. So if there is anything on here you feel you can do and have the skill then please do.

2023 -2024 Job List – TradeSkilled Jobs

*** Please when you complete a job email in with the details of what the job was, which list it is from, when it was completed and by who to – [email protected] ***