Booking and Agreement between Blackhills Campsite
1.0 MiB - 01/01/2019
Please fill in this form when making a booking and make sure you have signed the agreement form

  Campsite Brochure
19.8 MiB - 01/01/2018
This is the brochure where you will find all the information for the campsite if you are thinking of visiting us. Includes all price lists, Booking forms, Permission to shoot forms and everything else

  Introduction to Blackhills
610.2 KiB - 22/04/2018
If your thinking of staying please read this document to get familiar with the Campsite before you come, if you have any other questions in regards to your stay to make it a fantastic one to remember please feel free to send them along to our bookings email.

  Permission to Shoot Form - Archery, Axes & Shooting
33.6 KiB - 01/04/2018
If you visiting our ranges we ask if you can fill in this form to able to give parents permissions to your participants to shoot up at Blackhills.